Style: Greene and Greene



Our DESIGN: Open House was great fun Wednesday night. The topic was Greene & Greene design features and particularly their furniture. It was a tour really of the Gamble House and the collection at the Huntington Library. What becomes clear as you look at the abundance of their work is how they lavished detail onto it. The furniture was self-conscious and practical at the same time. It said, Here look at me, put your hands on me and feel how soft and round my corners, my edges, my joints are. And yet it also said, We pay attention to every detail, everything is done well and it’s worth doing well. Yes, it was a century ago. Another time and place and clients with good sized budgets. But this work still resonates today for some reason. I believe it’s the beauty of the detail, its sensitivity and rhythm. There is something about their work that is at once musical and textural. Can anyone say that about Modernism?

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