Masterworks Show

Our Masterworks Show opened on Thursday evening, November 1st. We had a great turn-out of people with close to 75 overall votes cast for Best of Show. Zach Malcolm with his Coffee Table took the honors. Very cool. The show will be up at the Studio through Thanksgiving so please come by the Studio Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm to look over these pieces. There are some very impressive works here. We invite you as well to come visit the Studio just to see what the Resident Mastery students are up to these days. They have just about a month under their belts and Alex, Brad, and Kate are busy working on their Sushi Box designs.

Those of you who have been through the program know just what the means. This seemingly simple project has so much to teach the woodworker. It’s not a difficult project but it is a challenge to do well. Our Mastery students who stick it out all start here with the Sushi Box.

I have to say that the Mastery Program is one of the great achievements of the Studio. I’m so proud of the work that folks have done now over the past ten years. It is a testament to their desire and abilities to build all this great furniture. And there is a bond that stretches now over the years as each new group tackles these same projects coming up with entirely new and creative solutions. Please come check out the show and see what these folks have built.

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