Table Leg Leveling

There’s a simple trick for leveling four legged pieces that I came up with out of frustration. Making the Rogowski Stool was great but inevitably in glue-up two legs would end up hitting the floor and two others would just rock back and forth. You’ve got chairs like this. Well I tried flattening the leg bottoms with a block plane which works but is very slow. A rasp gives you the same and slow results. Then I hit on using the table saw to mow away the two “long” legs with the blade just sticking up out of the table. This is a bare 1/32″ or less. So there is no danger of kickback and the blowout on the foot are minimal. The table saw cast iron table acts as my reference surface so when it sits flat there, it’s flat enough. I clean up the saw cuts then with just a few plane passes.

To see this in action, check out my video:


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