3 Simple Finishes: NWS / NYC

roentgen desk
New Yorkers treated me so great when I was there a few weeks ago and were anxious for more information. I started to think how hard it is for some of them to head West and so the phrase Go East Old Man popped into my head and I’m heading back to New York for several reasons. One is to give my 3 Simple Finishes lecture at Makeville Studio, January 26th in Brooklyn. So if you’re out East come by and say hi. There will be lectures on sharpening, tuning your hand pland and on 3 Simple Finishes. It should be good fun.

I will also give this lecture at the Studio January 30th so those of you out in Portland I hope will come for some great and basic information on hand applied finishes and their application. Contact the Studio for more information. These are the finishes I put out and let dry on my bench while I go back to work making more dust. So they’re easy to apply and rub out for a great look and feel.

But another reason for my trip is my friend from Musee des Arts et Metiers, Jean-Luc Chazoule, also wrote me that he had to come to NYC to deliver and pick up some automaton to an exhibit. Well it turns the little exhibit happens to be of the Roentgen family of furniture makers and their incredible and complex furniture designs happening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here’s the link: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/roentgen. You have to look at the video of the desk. My goodness. To think that we believe that some of our work is complex. This is incredible work that I am very excited to go see.

Stay curious.

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