Spontaneous Poetry

We had our DESIGN: Open House this past Thursday night with David Biespiel of the Attic Institute and Sean Hogan of Cistus Nursery and 50 or so friends of them and the Studio in attendance. It was a fascinating evening as folks heard about three very different perspectives on the creative process. You can download a podcast of the event by right clicking DESIGN: OPEN HOUSE and selecting “save as”

Sean kicked off the evening. His take on clients and their input on creativity was a very real look into the arena of design. He works with some very high end clients around the world and the realities of their ignorance and yet their very real wants can often collide with the cold hard facts of plant reality. Plant counselor at work.

David, who knew, was a championship diver and talked about the inevitability of failure. So you get up on the board and fail again better. That was fascinating to hear about and right on the money. As he mentioned, a Hall of Fame baseball player doesn’t succeed 7 out of 10 times. You learn to handle failure so that it doesn’t immobilize you. You get up, you try again. He also had some very interesting words to say about words.

Finally, I had a few choice words on measuring yourself against others and how useless that is. Creativity is playtime and you should feel free to try new things, but it also isn’t a switch you can just turn on and off. You prepare yourself every day to be a creative. You look about the world every day taking in information and maybe your take on things is just different enough to make someone else stop and take notice. It’s all been done before. Make your version your own.

DSCN4543 DSCN4544

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