The Hand Tool Shop

Cr bed setting silver

There is no better way to learn about the qualities of wood and working it than by using hand tools. This Spring we will offer four weeks of intensive training in hand tool use focusing on tools and sharpening, plane making and stool construction, dovetails and steam bending, and building a small bookcase with hand tools.

Look I get it, you bought power tools first. So did I. But then I had to fill in with my hand tool knowledge. Once I did gain this, I had a huge array of tools at my disposal but the hand tools in particular give me options, accuracy, and eventually speed that power tools cannot match.

If I need to shave a hair off a joint, I grab my shoulder plane. If I need a chamfer in a corner, I use my sharp chisel. Prepping wood is done faster with a sharp hand plane than with a sander and the results are better too.

Please come join us for one week or all four, at a discounted rate of course, and discover the joys of working by hand in the shop. You’ll gain a new appreciation for quiet work at the bench. You’ll also walk away with sharp tools, knowledge on how to properly tune and use them, and some cool little projects.

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