A Simple Design

The Rogowski Stool in Walnut

A simple design can be the most difficult to pull off well. Form, proportions, and scale are all key contributing factors to making a simple clean lined piece look good. This stool design has been a standard in the Studio since I built the first one in 1978. That stool sits behind my bench and still works great and looks good.

Join us for our Masterworks course next week on the Rogowski Stool. Five days of concentration, tricky joinery, and good clean fun in the woodshop. We will build a compound angled piece that will last a lifetime. This kind of joinery work requires precision, knowledge of jigs, and then a good deal of hand work to shape and fit our pieces. That’s why we’re here to help. It’s been a favorite class in the Studio now for years. Please join us.

Building the Rogowski StoolGlue-up tricks come in handy

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