Mastery Mastering

Mastery student at work

One of our Resident Mastery students this year, Brad Ewing, is finishing up his standing cabinet project. He has mixed some interesting forms and techniques into it. The cabinet is a fairly modern looking box made of ribbon sawn khaya with keyed mitered joints at the corners. This decorative joint still has great strength and looks terrific.

Keyed Mitered Joints

The jig he used to rout the grooves is pretty cool looking too.

Keyed Miter Jig

The base he is resting the cabinet on takes its inspiration from George Nakashima. He plans on ebonizing and grain filling it so it will really pop the ash figure and solidly support the cabinet both structurally and visually. Brad is really doing some cool stuff on this project. All part of the exploration in the Mastery Program.

Ash base for Khaya cabinet

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One Response to Mastery Mastering

  1. Kitty Larsen says:

    That looks Awesome Brad! I hope you will post the Finished Project!


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