The Hand Tool Shop

Making sure the plane bottom is flat and true with a flat and true hand plane.

Our month long series of classes called The Hand Tool Shop are in full swing now. The first week we worked on tools and sharpening and we did some joinery work as we made a mortise and tenoned mallet. This is good work and you get to take home your own hand made tool. This week we are making a wood bodied hand plane and a small 3 legged stool. Our students are from all walks of life and of every skill level from brand new beginner to old hands at the machines. But hand tool work is different than cutting things up at the table saw. It is demanding in a way that is not difficult but it is challenging. It focuses your attention and attitude at the bench. You have to learn to use your body differently and learn to maximize your leverage and force. And continue to practice your sharpening. The feedback from the tools and wood is dramatic and we’re having good fun. On to the milking stools today!

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  1. Greg Gimbel says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to use hand planes. I have been wanted to attend a workshop to learn however they are always so far from where I live.


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