A shop full of Carcasses

It’s not as macabre as you would think! This week we had truly great group in for our Masterworks Carcase Joinery Concentration and they are busy finishing up their wall cabinets.

Carcase ClassWe explore a variety of joints in this class, starting of with The 5 Minute Dovetail and then moving on to Finger Joints, Pin Joints, and everything else we can cram into one busy week. The students learn how to use both hand tools and power tools, especially the wonder tool that is the router, in harmony to create strong and beautiful boxes.

Dovetails during the Joinery ConcentrationThe cabinets will feature breadboard ends on the doors and square plugs throughout. Both practical and beautiful, these simple elements add a lot to the basic design.

Glue up on a great looking wall cabinetWe have a bunch of other great classes coming up this summer, all of which you can see on our Schedule Page, and I hope the all go as wonderfully as this one has!

Summer Classes at The Northwest Woodworking Studio, a school for Woodworkers


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