It is no wonder that woodworking remains such a popular endeavor. The craft is filled with so much to learn. It is this curiosity that keeps us alive, that keeps us thriving. Learning new skills, honing old ones keeps us fresh.

We just had Elia Bizzarri in class for a week of Windsor Chair making. It’s such a different world than my world of fine furniture and yet it is fascinating to me to watch him work. It is just as intriguing the way we two makers each arrive at beautiful solutions to the design challenge of seating. Elia takes a two-hundred year old design and with hand tools, and a few with a cord on them, makes a fine and comfortable heirloom. My Café Chair design for a benefit show this upcoming fall relies more on Modern design features. But it will be charming in its own way. I am also using production techniques for the twenty of these chairs that I’m making.

Both his chair and mine are seating pieces and yet there is so much to learn from one method to the next. I hope your own curiosity about the Studio will bring you here for a class or just to discover a new way of thinking or looking at the world. On September 18th at 6pm, we will have our next DESIGN: Open House on Curiosity. It should be a fun evening. Come and join the discussion.


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