Cafe Chair from Woodcentric Studio

(this is a guest post by Studio Graduate Kent Saunders. You can learn more about Kent and his work at Woodcentric Studio)
Cafe Chair by Kent Saunders of Woodcentric StudioDesigned as an “Art” chair, this piece is to be sold at an auction on November 8, 2013 to benefit Sisters of the Road.  The show and auction will be held at The Northwest Woodworking Studio, additional details can be found on their website.

Woodworkers participating in the auction were each given a set of parts including legs, side rails, and a back.  From these parts, each woodworker was instructed to create a unique “art” chair.

The inspiration for this chair came from the 1991 movie L.A. Story starring Steve Martin, whose character, Harris K. Telemacher says, “I keep thinking I’m a grown-up, but I’m not.”  With that in mind, I set to work cutting down and reshaping the parts for what would have been a normal cafe chair.  The proportional twist being that I did not just scale down the entire chair, just certain parts.  I hope this gives it a feel similar to a child in an grown-up’s body.

In process pictures below, for additional pictures check out the Gallery.

20131022-190739 20131022-190327 20131022-190659 20131022-190718

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