Cafe chair - Martin Douglas

Creativity needs limits. It seems contradictory and yet it always is true. Given absolute freedom most artists and designers flounder about in search of a direction, a purpose, a method to their particular madness. But tell them to produce in sonnet form, or a ballad with three chord changes, or on the subject of joy or indiscretion, what have you, given limits, our minds open up to possibility. Worlds seem to exist inside boundaries whereas infinity is just too difficult concept to grasp.

The Cafe chairs for Chairs by the Roadside, A Benefit Auction for Sisters of the Road Cafe, were designed within limits. There was a basic design, a basic shape and a construction method. From this starting point and within the form of this chair, our designers came up with the ideas that best expressed their notions on chair design and the theme of being cast aside on the road.

Please come join us Thursday November 7th for the opening of the show at the Studio, 1002 SE 8th Avenue, from 6-8pm. The chairs will be there to see and bid on for the silent auction. It is sure to be a great show of work, designed within limits.

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2 Responses to Limits

  1. rondennis303 says:

    Beautiful! Who created this?


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