Great Chair Auction

the Chair show crowd begins to arrive

Wow, you should have been there. The chairs that were built for the Sisters of the Road Café Auction last week totaled 18 in number. All were different and all special in their own way. Decked out in our bench area, they were so cool to see. You could see how much variation was possible, all starting from the same starting point of a simple Cafe chair design. Two chairs sold at the Buy Now price before I even walked in at 6pm that opening Thursday night and I was thinking where am I? It was so great to be a part of.

The next night, Friday, we had music, wine from Helioterra Vineyard, great food donated from Pambiche, and the silent auction. It was really something to see so many chairs bid on and find new homes. The money went to a great cause in helping out Sisters of the Road Cafe and it just felt good is all I can say. The chairs were great, the event was a hit, and we raised over $10,000 for Sisters. A home run night that we will repeat some day in the future. Please join us next time for some great charity work and some wonderful design work.

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