DESIGN: Open House

photo by Vicky Hollenbeck

We have a special treat coming up for our next DESIGN: Open House. The man I call the Amazing Azevedo is coming to speak about local hardwoods, sawing up trees, and replanting local hardwoods. Mark is a botanist by trade working out of OSU but his hobby and part-time business is sawing up trees mainly Quercus Garryana, Oregon White Oak, for boards. He has a wealth of information at his disposal on wood, individual local species, sawing treating and drying lumber. He really is a great source of information for me personally. If I ever have a question about wood, I ask Mark.

Coming up on December 18th from 6pm to 7:30pm, please listen to him discourse on all things wood, local hardwood variations and specific qualities, and his incredible work with the “Lumber to Legacy” project down in Albany. A grove of Oregon White oaks were coming down, in the name of “progress”. Well at least the trees got saved and Mark cut them up into boards. Several groups now are getting their hands on the wood to create things for an auction to replant the native trees in and around Albany. Mark will speak on this, bring by some wood samples, and share some of his thoughts about lumber and life. This is gonna be fun. Please join us.

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