Demo Day/ Solstice Day

hand toolsEver wonder why it looks so easy when a master woodworker does something? The answer is as simple as throwing a ball. It takes practice. There is nothing magical to woodworking. It just can look like magic sometimes. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, a chisel can look more like a wand than a tool. Paring, carving, shaping wood faster than one can fathom. Because in your hands perhaps, the tool looks more screwdriver than scalpel, more trebuchet than rapier.

But there is no more magic to woodworking than in any manual skill. Dexterity comes with practice and you can learn the basics with us at the Studio. Come visit with our Winter instructors and watch them work. All of our instructors have studied with Gary Rogowski, Master Woodworker, and learned techniques from him and developed others on their own. Come watch Saturday, December 21st, from 10AM to 4PM and join us for refreshments and woodworking chatter. It will be great fun and enlightening on a winter solstice day.

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