I came across this quote in my readings: “We have nothing that is ours except time, which even those without a roof can enjoy.” Baltasar Gracian

I am not one to shirk from large topics. Time would rank up there in the large topic category. It is my contention that is more rubber band than digitally linear. That when we are young, time moves with the speed of paint drying, ice melting, and your teacher’s lectures. It is interminable, glacial, and archeological in its pace when you are young and anxious to get outside or to your friends and play that day.

But now, long past my sell date, time is a rocket ship with extra fuel. It is catastrophically fast. I have not changed, so very much in my mind if not body, but time has sped up. Which star’s gravitational pull have I ventured too close to that time thinks it can click off my life’s odometer with such dazzling alacrity?

There is none to waste.

This is why when I now enter the Studio I do not grab for my tools and the job at hand. I slow down because I am in a hurry. I grab for my carving tools and the latest carving on my bench. And I begin to carve a little. Not much, just a peck here, a pare there. To slow, to get my mind adjusted to the pace in the shop. It is simple, effective, and brings me to a place and pace that is suitable for the work at hand: making good use of my time.Image

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