Power On

Power Tools: The Stone Age and Bronze Age in North Europe

Power tools throughout the ages

When the electrical power failed at my old shop, I could keep working with my hand tools. Nothing felt better than knowing that I could still be productive while the power tool shops nearby me had shut down. This is knowing that you have the power in your own hands.

What a difference you will feel in your woodworking when you come to understand the power of hand tools. Let’s face it, machines are fast, noisy, and accurate. But they can also be very annoying. You get up the speed to tackle a project and then the jointer isn’t accurate or the table saw crosscut sled is out of square. Always  something on a machine that needs tuning. And it feels like you’ve been robbed or cheated of your time.  Shouldn’t they just work? But they don’t.

You still need to tune your hand tools. But the work on them is perhaps more expected, more a part of the game. You go in, you tune up your hand tools, and then you get to work. It’s quiet, it’s satisfying, and the accuracy can be unparalleled.





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