Design Failure is Success

Life is hard enough. Now you’re gonna read some idiot telling you that failure is a success when it comes to design? That if you’re not throwing out your design work, you’re not working hard enough at it. Criminy, is nothing easy?

The short answer is no. The long answer is hell no. Design takes work and practice and reverent theft and more practice and staying positive when you dead-end and it’s repetitive and tiring but it’s never been boring for me. It is hard work some days. Some days I know the designs coming out of my pencil will be dreck for a good half hour before something starts to warm up inside my little brain. And then, and only then, after the penance or warm-ups or whatever it feels like, slowly ideas start to form and they’re not bad. They’re not half bad. They’re not awful. They are almost good. They have potential for mediocrity or maybe even more than that, they’re not boring. They are starting to take some form that works. But it is a process and along the way are many discarded ideas.

Join us this Wednesday at the Studio from 6 to 8pm for A Strategy for Design. This lecture will present you with ideas for designing furniture. I will talk about my approach and what works for me to get my brain to engage in this so very different activity. I will also discuss the important items I need to be aware of as I design. My work as a furniture designer is to be a sculptor of functional work. I will share with you what I have learned about how to make this happen.



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