What causes us to look round the next bend? What makes people want to fly or cross the ocean or play with fire? Why do you do something and then do it again just to see if the results will be the same? Why ask why?

All these questions are asked because of a simple if not altogether human trait. This urge pushes us to try things to see what will happen. Like a bird tucking at a string to see if it will release or the worm. Like a dog putting his head down between the rocks to sniff out a scent. What is there? What was there? What might be there?

Is it that we cannot feel safe unless we know what’s behind the door/ under the bed/ at the back of the cave? Or is that we have to know just to know, just to have that knowledge at our disposal. Is it learning or a pernicious bad habit? This urge pushes us down dangerous paths no doubt but also down paths of discovery. It is, at its simplest, the impetus for learning. To discover, to uncover, to unravel, to get to the bottom of things. Curiosity. Simple curiosity. Who’s there? What’s that? Why does it work like that?

Join us Wednesday February 19th from 6pm to 7:30pm for a lively round table discussion on Curiosity.  Sharing the podium will be Bill Crane, musician, composer, concert pianist and long time accompanist to classical musicians around town; David Minick, music and sports photographer now pursuing an interest in archaeology, and Gary Rogowski, woodworker, author, playwright, and Director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio. This event is free and open to the public.


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