Joinery Choices

The value of a classical education is in laying a foundation for your work to follow. One learns joinery to learn accuracy plus patience. There are a dozen or more ways to build a box but each situation requires an evaluation and then a decision. Your decision on joinery will depend upon several factors: knowledge or skill, tooling options, economy or speed, and enjoyment.

If you take the time to build your skills in a variety of approaches, then you can choose a joint for example that fits all the requirements of the situation. A nailed butt joint might be perfect when you’re in a hurry or the piece is not precious. It might be completely inappropriate for a shrine to your sainted mother. On the other hand, if you’re building mom a present and the birthday approaches then hand cutting dovetails might take longer than you have. Splined miter joints are just as pretty but faster. Both work for the job.

This week we are studying joinery skills with our students. With these methods in hand, you’ll be able to take them to apply in a variety of jobs. Like Bruce, one of my first Mentoring students, did in his box here. Come to the Studio to learn methods for work.

Upcoming joinery classes with Gary Rogowski:
March 12th, 6pm – 8pm: TABLE SAW JOINERY
May 12th – 16th, 9am-4pm daily: DOVETAILS, STEAMBENDING, AND JOINERY
May 19th – 23rd, 9am-4pm daily: WEDGED TENONS, HOUSED JOINERY, INLAY


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