Brilliant Chair


The Brilliant Chair is so named because I think the design is so perfectly functional. It is such a simple idea to put these triangles together to make the legs and at the same time creating space for the seat and  back. The triangles are inherently stable, the joinery is dirt simple, and the result is pleasing. Based on a design by Aldo Leopold this chair is a classic.

On April 5-6 we will have a workshop on building this chair. In conjunction with the and We will explore chair design, ergonomics, and engineering a stable chair. Also included in the two day class tuition are these added values:

Salvage Works of North Portland will also give a short demonstration on how to pick the correct materials using reclaimed lumber.

EB Tools is supplying two two of their new KwickGripper nail pulling tools for a drawing. They will also offer 20% off coupons for those who do not win the tool to purchase one from their website.

CeCe of CeCe Caldwell Paints has agreed to come in and talk about her great paints with the class. She is also providing every student with a free quart of paint of the color of their choice.

Plans for The Brilliant Chair come as part of the class from The Northwest Woodworking Studio.

Finally as a bonus you will receive a six month subscription to the Tiny House Magazine in PDF format.

This is a great opportunity to build a brilliant design, learn about basic woodworking techniques, and walk away with a classic chair. Please join us April 5th -6th at the Northwest Woodworking Studio.

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One Response to Brilliant Chair

  1. Joe says:

    Enzo Mari would be proud…


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