Lumber to Legacy Project


We just finished up a two day class last Friday with students from two Albany high schools, Crescent Valley and South Albany High School. What a blast I had. And there were kids there too who also enjoyed their time. The Lumber to Legacy Project involves the rescue of 8 downed Oregon white oaks from a Lowe’s construction site. Mark Azevedo got the logs and milled them up. As one of many designer/ makers, I decided to get involved by building my cafe chair design and two sets of dining chairs for their auction later this year. The students came up to help me with the building.

What was so much fun was to see how engaged these students were. No fear and no self-consciousness about their skills. They were here to learn, here to build. They also were willing to hear me talk about geometry and why it was important. To hear me talk about design and the several aspects of a good chair design. To try their hands at hand tool work. To learn about staining wood with an ebonizing solution. They loved it. It just goes to show what value kids place on being treated like adults. They have curious and vigorous minds and it was my pleasure to show them a little in those two days. Check out our links to the story in Sunday’s Albany Herald and to the Gazette-Times.


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