I wrote this note to the folks at the Albany Herald about the Lumber to Legacy class we had for some Albany high school kids a week or so ago. They printed it as a letter to the editor:

“I wanted to respond further as to why I did this class for the kids. I love to teach and this was another  opportunity to be with a group that doesn’t get the attention they deserve. Education in the applied arts is mostly forgotten today and it is a need that should be addressed in every community. Technology provides many wonderful things. But it rarely provides the satisfaction of seeing your work at the end of the day in a tangible form. In the shop, these students get a chance to work and see the results of the efforts immediately. The feedback is real and the learning sticks.

What was great was to see how excited these kids were to learn. They listened to me talk about geometry and physics. They asked questions about these subjects. They listened to me talk about joinery and cutting angles. They were to a man interested in learning. And that’s what education should be about: curiosity and the excitement of discovery. Add to this the fact that you get to put your hands on tools and it’s a slam dunk for just about every demographic. But certainly it is of vital importance for our kids. Please let all our educators know that hands on education needs to be back in every school. From the arts to music to shop class, we need to train our kids in the broadest possible way. This is called a liberal arts education. I’m a fan of it.

Why I did the class.”

Gary Rogowski, Director of the Northwest Woodworking Studio

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