The Brilliant Chair Design

Brilliant chair au naturel

Join us for the Brilliant Chair class this Apr. 5-6 from 9am to 4pm each day. It’s a brilliant design attributed to Aldo Leopold and usable for tiny spaces as a chair, ladder, bookshelf, or computer table. We will build this design this weekend and you should come and join the fun. You can customize the design to fit your needs and space. Build it like a brick house out of 2x material or keep it light and portable making it out of 1x wood. It’s adaptable to so many situations and the methods you will learn for constructing it will help you out in many woodworking situations.

The brilliant thing about this design is its triangulation. Triangles are inherently stable, not like the rectangles we normally work with which we have to strengthen somehow. This design starts with triangles for the major elements of the piece and adds on from there. Learn how to build for strength, how to prevent the evil of racking in your work, and how to customize the design for your own uses.


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