Distance Mentoring Students Speak


Sushi Box by David Corey, Distance Mastery/Mentoring Graduate

“I have learned so much and grown quite a bit in my time in the Distance Mentoring Program. I have really enjoyed learning from you. I know I wouldn’t be anywhere close to my dream of becoming a competent furniture maker had I not become a student of yours. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. In addition, I feel that I’ve made a good friend, one who I admire and respect. This has meant a lot to me during the trials of this past year. Thanks for that as well.” 
– JH, Montana 

“Our visits to Portland and the Studio are about building confidence; that although my execution will always be improving, I feel with each session closer to becoming a craftsman and gain new perspective in understanding this craft. It’s about getting new ideas and finding my unique voice; it may be trivial but it was a boost when you pondered aloud what style my table was. When I replied that I hoped it was the beginning of what could be MY style, your reply was “Exactly”. 
– DH, Portland, OR

“I think that the Portland sessions are also about getting to know you and about the relationship between teacher and student. You have a good ability to ascertain what each of us wants to walk away with.The students have a responsibility to learn, more so in the distance class in my opinion, and I realize that there is a great deal of responsibility on our part to gain the fullest benefit. The other thing I gain is the responsibility of the deadline. Not only do I not want to let you or my classmates down, but I don’t want to let myself down. It’s about becoming a more efficient woodworker which means for me thinking things through and planning a process rather than jumping into it. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t have spent half the time I have learning this and tackling the projects.” 
– KH, California

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