The Hand Tool Shop

Posted By: Gary Rogowski


What if your hand skills at the bench rivaled what you could do with a machine? What if your degree of accuracy with a hand plane matched what you could cut off with a router? What if your chisel work was precise? You would feel a sense of greater control at the bench that’s one thing. But another is that you would have greater confidence for a variety of jobs.

I used to fuss for hours on setting up my jointer table for instance. Now when edge jointing for a tabletop, I make sure it’s relatively square and then carefully run opposite faces to the fence ensuring a flat surface. And what I miss on the jointer, I can fix now with a tuned jack plane in a moment’s time. That ability opens things up for me. It frees me to concentrate on doing the work I enjoy instead of tuning my machines. Yes I have to tune my hand tools. Yes I have to sharpen well.

But I can walk into any shop now and go to work with the hand tools that are there with comfort, with ease and with safety. Working with hand tools gives you a sense of mastery that few machine woodworkers feel. Give them a hand plane and watch. Now you, if you master using a saw and plane and chisel, can learn to cut on the table saw in far less time. Plus the feedback that hand tools give you is immense.

Join us starting April 28th for four weeks of The Hand Tool Shop. We’ll concentrate on different skills each week. Come and take one week or all four for a discounted rate. We will learn about hand tools and sharpening, plane work and Windsor stool construction, hand cutting dovetail joints and wedged mortise and tenons. There will also be time spent steam bending, carving, and learning inlay techniques. It will be a great four weeks of hand tool work. Come join the fun and gain some great experience.

Stop by our Open House on Saturday April 12 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Studio Director Gary Rogowski will be demonstrating tool use and techniques as well as fielding questions on joinery, fine woodworking and the upcoming  Hand Tool Shop . Pastry and pizza will be served! Also, sign up for any portion of the Hand Tool Shop and  a 10% discount.


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