Making time

How do you make time? How can you? How can you stop long enough to realize the value of turning your eyes away from your computer screen, your thumbs away from your mobile device, your self towards doing something with more lasting value?

Making time. This is a curious concept. It is the one thing we are always running out of, or we have none of it for that, or someone is wasting our small resource of it. Time. Precious. And yet when we spend our time working on something that enriches our lives, when we make something of our time, how it fills us with satisfaction.

At the Studio, we teach skills to make & repair the connection between our hands, our heart, and our mind. We teach the value of spending time on ourselves. Because if we experience satisfaction at the bench, time well spent at the bench, this has an effect on everyone that we meet.

All of us need to engage in building & creating. It is one of our most basic pursuits. Make some time for yourself and join us to build something of value.



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