Meet Elia Bizzari

Meet Elia Bizzari, Windsor chairmaker and prolific instructor. He teaches both online and at woodworking studios throughout the country. He will be teaching two classes for us this summer, the Continuous Arm Windsor Chair and the Sack Back Windsor Chair.

About Elia:  Considered by some to be a chair-making wunderkind, Elia had his own hand tools at age 10 and wood shop at age 15. Early on, he trained under master crafstman Curtis Buchanan (who still outsources some of his work to Elia) and has worked extensively with PBS woodworking superstar Roy Underhill. Elia has also trained with John Alexander, Drew Langsner, Dave Sawyer, and the carpenters at Colonial Williamsburg. He is now, somewhat of a celebrity himself in the world of woodworking.

This summer we have the privilege of offering two Windsor chair classes taught by Elia. Here’s an unsolicited testimonial from a student who took Elia’s class last year:

“I sincerely hope that woodworkers in the Pacific Northwest avail themselves of this opportunity to take a great class from a very good woodworker and teacher. I participated in the Continuous Arm Windsor Chair class last summer. This was the 4th chairmaking class that I have taken.  I reside in the metro-Phoenix area and willingly travel considerable distances to provide myself the opportunity to learn technique and create personal treasures…

Pacific Northwest woodworkers should be extremely grateful that the Northwest Woodworking Studio is providing such offerings that gives them the opportunity to learn from well known chair makers and not having to leave their local area.”

R. Simmons, Phoenix, AZ

Elia at Work:

Source: News Observer, Windsor Chair Man

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2 Responses to Meet Elia Bizzari

  1. I took the Continuous Arm class from Elia down at Roy’s school in NC and it was outstanding. Rarely do you get to go from log to chair in Windsor classes due to time constraints and we did it all. Plus I was able to reproduce it in my own shop and make another chair. This is truly the sign of a good class! In fact I video blogged the whole class at if anyone wants to see some details of the class.

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