Human all too human to quote Fred N. Yes we makers are too human. We’re too ready to find error in our work. The voice in our head keeps repeating: Not good enough, not perfect enough. We are always so ready to point out our mistakes, to find the tiniest of errors. When our client never sees them. When another maker doesn’t see them nor care. They see the whole, the entire piece and they’re delighted.

So I say, keep your standards high but learn to forgive yourself for your errors that no one else can see. Do  better next time. If you expect perfection from each of your efforts you will always disappoint yourself. If however you try for perfection but forgive yourself for not reaching it, then your work will satisfy even your harshest critic, you. Forgive yourself for being human.



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One Response to Forgiveness

  1. Kevin says:

    well said. Probably true of anything made by hand.


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