Joinery Details


Joinery Details

Joinery is the art of knowing what wood to remove and what to leave behind. Reductive & simple, yet seductive in its intricacies balancing negative space with strength. Take too much wood away and you leave no strength. Take too little and you’ve compromised the tenon. You are the joinery designer/ engineer.

There are several important details to know about wood and its properties. Double a board’s measure in height and it is four times stronger than doubling a board in its width. Hmm. Wood moves more across its growth rings than between and none in its length. Hmm, again. Wood has little tensile strength between its fibers. There is more, but finally you have to practice. To learn what is a good fit takes practice and care with one’s tools.

Two weeks of joinery class start June 23rd. It will change your woodworking to learn this skill. Please join us. Take both joinery concentrations for a sizable discount!

Joinery Concentration Carcases 6/23 – 6/27
Joinery Concentration Frames
  6/30 – 7/3

Also Upcoming in Joinery

Drawer Work 7/31 – 8/2

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