The Fit Again

In joinery the fit of your pieces is like the fit of your shoes on your feet. If you can toss your shoes off your feet as you hit the couch, too loose. If you shoe horn them in, perfect. A good fitting joint fits snug. No pounding together but it shouldn’t fall apart either. It’s a balance you learn to achieve by sneaking up on it. Learn to use your shoulder plane and you’ll be happy no matter how you cut a tenon joint.  Finesse the fit.

Beveled Oak Table by Gary Rogowski

Beveled Oak Table by Gary Rogowski







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4 Responses to The Fit Again

  1. code4pay says:

    Do you use a shoulder plane on really small tennons I’m building a stool just from pine and the shoulders are only 1 inch long and 1\4 inch wide. I’m having trouble getting the fit perfect but wonder if I could use a shoulder plane on such a small surface successfully? I don’t have one yet to try it myself.


  2. daveinohio says:

    Gary, this is one of the best analogies I have ever read! It gets the point across very clearly.


    • nwwstudio says:

      Thanks Dave. It is true. When your joint falls apart, it’s too sloppy. Too tight and it’s like a pair of cowboy boots two sizes too small. No good can come from it. Gary


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