Design Opportunity

A Mastery student of mine came through town to visit. Over 10 years ago he studied with me and he’s building still. Not as much as he’d like but it’s a tough game this woodworking world. Not everyone understands how much time it takes and how much skill. Nor do most people appreciate how long it takes to develop that skill.

This isn’t a new hobby for folks that they get good at in a couple of weekends. It takes work. It takes dedication, commitment, practice. I have always found it interesting that doctors have a practice and woodworkers have a job. No, we have a practice as much as any doctor. We’re always getting it wrong, learning new methods, fixing things. Just like them. Oh my Mastery student is a doc.

There are no mistakes, only new opportunities. In woodworking, as in life. Learn from your slip ups and get up and run again. Thanks for the advice Jim.


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