The Work

Fine woodworking is not crafty. It is craft. It takes time, effort, and a commitment to excellence. It requires persistence and a willingness to overcome failure, repeatedly. It takes practice and patience and then more of both. It is as rigorous and as rewarding as learning a musical  instrument or teaching your body ballet or the tango. It is formal and full of expression. There are rules to follow and rules that bend. It is cumulative in its knowledge and yet so vast that no one can know all its possibilities.

You will not build anything well without throwing yourself all in. But if you, if you do commit to learning and getting it in your bones and doing your best, then the rewards are far greater than you imagine. As my friend Bogy once said to me, “The work makes you. You don’t make the work.”

Sideboard inlay GR

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One Response to The Work

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for this. I have been struggling mightly with my 2nd project ever, a blanket chest, and this little reminder to have patience was much needed!


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