It is autumn, once our gathering time. For collecting ideas, it is always time. There is a designed world all around us. Ideas hanging from the rooftops and tree branches and scattered on the ground below our feet. A designed universe whether created by your particular deity or Ma nature or random atoms smashing together: the design of the world is astonishing.

The key to it is opening your eyes. Look for forms, find patterns, see the symmetry around us. In the flock of birds, the march of columns, or the burned trees in a forest. This is a gift of design for those of us lucky enough to be able to see. I took my interns out yesterday and said: Look around, buildings, the sky, leaves on the tree, a Porsche sitting next to a junker. Design is everywhere and the ideas for design all come from the same place inside. Learn to find it.
1-Tin man Praha


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