Discontent is the key to success, not satisfaction. To do more than you did before is what creation is about. To do the job better than the last time, to create something more special, or to walk new ground. This is what comes from our seasons of discontent. If we say to ourselves, I have learned enough. I am now the master of my craft, you have lost touch with that spark that keeps us creating. Satisfaction doesn’t spur us to do more. It leads us only to the couch. Keep trying to do better than the last time and you will never run out of ideas.


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One Response to Discontent

  1. there is a magnificent book by Semir Zeki called: “Splendors and Miseries of the Brain: Love, Creativity, and the Quest for Human Happiness” and I urge you to take a look as you are quite into the hot metal as far as I can tell, friend. You are quite right that discontent acts as a sort of fuel for us to reach higher than what we did previously. Strive and marvel!

    Toujours, siempre amigo,
    Adam of Oakland, CA


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