The Right Saw for the Job

Choose your tools wisely for the job. For a plumber, the sawz-all is king because demo can be fast and messy. Not so much for dovetailing. That requires a different touch.

I have many tools at hand. Which one I grab depends upon many factors. When I cut dovetails, how picky do I want to be? How do I want the joints to look? How much noise and dust can I stand that day? And for me most of all, how late is the project? I have many options to use from my Japanese dozuki to my Lie-Nielsen back saw to the router. I put away the sawz-all for dovetails.

All my tools are used by hand and with a watchful eye but the results will vary as will my sense of satisfaction. I have many router cut dovetail boxes around the Studio. They’re nice. They took a modicum of skill which I possess. I have a few hand cut dovetail pieces round my house. Those I look on with a different sense of pride. Not a better sense, different.

We do this work as much for ourselves as for the customer. Pick the right saw for the job.

Rip saw teeth

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One Response to The Right Saw for the Job

  1. Mark Sutton says:

    No doubt about it. Every project that fills my home tests a new skill or technique. Every time I look at them I gauge my progress. I’ve learned patience thru detail. The joy of a tight joint or a clean line.


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