Look around. Texture surrounds our senses. From the moment our hand touches a surface to the sounds we hear, the ground we walk on, and the food we taste, texture is a daily part of our lives.

Texture frustrates monotony. It is the rock in the stream, the bump in the road, the meter of a poem, or the knot in a rope. It is both good and evil. It promises interest; it presages pain. Texture is the drumbeat, the heartbeat, the tear of the concrete as you fall, the hand holds of a wall. It is the grip of the soles of my boots and the ravages of a pock marked face. It is surface and superficial. It is rock hard and substantial. Texture gives life to work and marks the desert’s sere floor. It knows no limits and defines them well. It relies mostly on contrast for us to notice it, but in a piece of wood or a bit of furniture it can engage our imagination.

Join us this Wednesday, Jan. 21 from 6-7:30pm for a DESIGN: Open House on Texture. This should be a fun discussion. John Hall with his take on Japanese architecture and garden design joins us.

1-Prague Door      1-GR Finger jointed Cabinet detail

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