Chisels at the Bench

We are a type, we woodworkers. We are tool nuts, junkies. We love our tools.

Somebody asked me once how many sets of chisels I have. I said, Only two. I have my old Marples firmer chisels from 1/4″ to 3/4″ and then my bevel edge Lie-Nielsens. And oh yeah, I have a missed match set of Japanese paring and mortise chisels. And I forgot the 3 or 4 Stanley 750’s I have collected, and the old Stanley butt chisels I bought when I started out. Then there’s those 3 big mortising chisels. Ooh, and I bought another set of the Marples firmer chisels because, you know, they were cheap. Had to.

I have a few sets of chisels. My name is Gary and I have a problem. I love me my tools.

I will try to share the love next week in class in The Hand Tool Shop at the Studio. We will focus on hand tools and which to buy and how to sharpen them and tune them and build cool stuff with them. Join us for a week at the bench.

1-Cutting Tools #4 Chisels

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