Do Good Work

How can anyone afford to do good work these days? Isn’t the strain of surviving enough to make mediocre work good enough? As that famous poet once said, You gonna have to serve somebody. So who’s it gonna be? Your landlord or the voice inside you asking you to do it right this time.

I can’t choose for you. I can only choose for myself. These were the standards I said I had to adhere to and if I couldn’t meet those then it wasn’t worth doing. Yeah, some days those standards were higher than others. Yep, some days I wanted to jump off a cliff rather than do the nitpicky goddang minutiae, why-in-the-hell-worry-‘bout-that-spot kinda work I can get involved in sometimes. Sometimes that money losing work is enough to drive you crazy.

But when it’s done right, when the job is done, and you’ve done it 4 times just to get it right and you step back and you look at your work, the ability to be able to say, It was done right. That was worth a lot to me. Cheap taco dinners usually, but worth eating them in order to be able to walk away satisifed. Mastery ain’t for everybody. That’s why it’s called mastery and not mediocrity.


Signature Piece by Mastery student, Patrick McGlade, 2014


Signature Gallery Detail Pat RMP7 001

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2 Responses to Do Good Work

  1. Carl says:

    yup, agree completely:)


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