The Weekend

I switched things around a bit for this summer. Not every week is filled with class time. Maybe I can get some of my own projects down finally.

There are some good week long classes. Windsor Chair Making with Elia Bizzarri is coming up. He’s a fun guy and super talented with hand tools and on the lathe.

Then there’s that guy Rogowski and his Stool Workshop. Five days of fun with one day of mind bending geometry thrown in.

Finally there are three weekend classes planned for July. They start on Friday so they will be long weekends. The first is 3 Simple Finishes. The only true word in that title is Finishes. We’ll cover more than 3 and nothing about finishing is simple. It is chemistry plus alchemy and there is a ton of information to discuss, as well as lots of finishing tips, plus we do samples of all these. We will discuss surface prep, scrapers, coloring, stains, chemical stains, oils, varnishes, and the miracle finish shellac. Oh and wax. And rubbing out. And . . .

Then because Bob my vet asked for it, we’re doing Inlay Secrets. This is great fun and simple, once you know a few tricks. It’s persnickety work at times but that’s what makes it so fun. From straight line to curved work, we’ll be working on inlay techniques that will make your work shine.

Finally, Chair Design Strategy will fill our last weekend in July. This will be fun and cool because everyone knows a chair. But how do you make them pretty enough and comfortable enough and sturdy enough? Lots to consider. We’ll make a scale model in wood and a sittable prototype of your never to be forgotten chair design. Good fun. Join us.

Bench tumultous



SAB Detail Inlayimage

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3 Responses to The Weekend

  1. Planning on signing up for the Stool Workshop in September


  2. Jardey says:

    Looks great!


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