The Battleship

Projects come, projects stay. I walked around the shop one day to count the projects I had started only to put down for one reason or another. I got depressed by the number 20. Unfinished for any number of reasons. I cut a panel too short on one. I wasn’t sure of the curve of another.  Not hard to make a new panel, 0r try to mock up the curve. That logic does not fly in the face of a simple defeat. I just let the projects linger, go to your corner.

What is it that stumps me? Probably this doesn’t happen for you, this is probably just me. I think for me it is the battleship called focus. The work is never the issue, I am the issue. Getting me to focus long enough on the problem at hand usually solves it in such a short time that it’s embarrassing.

Get the battleship turned around and pointed in the right direction and it’s amazing how quickly I can knock out one of those unfinished jobs. So I’ll make another list and put a couple of these nearly complete pieces close by and see if I can knock one out today, in an hour or two.


1-China cabinet cherry GR



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4 Responses to The Battleship

  1. daveinohio says:

    Sometimes you need to lay a project aside, in order to see it with “fresh eyes”. I think most of us are guilty of leaving them aside for too long, however.
    There is a need for disciplined follow-through in many areas of life, and these times of ubiquitous distraction, that can be very difficult to achieve.
    Doin’ beats stewin’.


  2. paul6000000 says:

    I really love that cabinet. I’m just staring at it.


  3. Jim marsh says:

    I really identify with you. The problem is always me. I used to think it was ego but have learned its only that some of the time. The rest is just stubbornness.


  4. Randall says:

    Nice looking piece


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