Simple things can make a difference. The way you hold a tool, how you pivot when you dance, the note sustained.

Many people have aspirations for changing the world. I have given that task over to those with more Atlas in their system than I. My hope is to make small changes for folks close by. People who will be positively affected by the impact I can make on their lives by showing them the value of quality. By showing these folks how I approach and solve a problem, by giving them an example of how to do your best work, by working with them to improve their own skills, I hope to change the world that I know.

I do not know the size of the ripple that I make.

Please join us for our WIN fundraising event at the Studio, this Friday, 11, September. Join us in support of our efforts to change the world through the study and practice of working with tools and wood. It ain’t much, but it’s what we can do. 1-Cafe chair detail Gary




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