A Career in Woodworking

Hello Northwest Woodworking,

I am interested in taking your complete novice class this coming October.  I wanted to ask a couple of questions before committing to the class. First off is there still room in this class, and what is the usual size of the class?  I want to take this class to get some of the basic knowledge of woodworking in the hopes of making it a career. In your opinion, does this class give enough knowledge to feel, at least slightly, comfortable going out and finding work, or is something more in depth necessary to move forward into a career in furniture making/woodworking?  Thanks for your time.


One class prepare you for a career?
Woodworking is as broad as music, as deep as literature. We have worked wood as a species for longer than we have created work in either discipline.
One introductory class will in no way prepare you to go out and find work. It will introduce you to the ideas, the concepts, some of the tools and a little bit of the materials used for one small part of the craft. Woodworking can be organic and sculptural, or precise beyond measure when instrument making. It can be geometric in marquetry or very focused in your dovetail work. There are cabinets, chairs, tables, boxes, chests to build. And a thousand variations of them.
Our introductory class will in no way prepare you for the breadth of what woodworking has to offer. It will introduce you to the smell of the work, the feel of the tools, the frustration of your progress and the triumph of your finishing small projects. From one class, there are one thousand choices that can be made. This is its joy. You start at the beginning and find out from there.
There are just a few spaces remaining in Tuesday’s class and plenty of space in the Thursday one. Class size is ten. Come and find out how huge the world of woodworking is. Dip your toe into the waters.
two leaf box


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  1. Kinderhook88 says:

    As well crafted a response as the box in the picture. Bravo!


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