Classic Vs. Romantic

One of the interesting arguments in Robert Pirsig’s great book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, is about the separation between the classical and the romantic point of view. Simply put, looking at a motorcycle and seeing it as an assembly of systems, ignition, fuel/ air system, etc. is a classical view. Looking at a cycle and imagining the wind in your hair as you ride is romantic. Pirsig’s philosophic goal is to bring these two points of view together to find the essence of Quality. Pre-intellectual awareness is his way of putting it. Trying to combine form and style together.

Not just the tool and your knowledge of what it can do, but the feel of it in your hand. Combine these two senses together and you get his Zen approach to living.

Join us this Wednesday, October 21st, as Elizabeth Rosner and I discuss the nature of Quality and some things Zen and Classical and Romantic. It’s sure to be an intriguing evening of chat.

DESIGN: Open House at the Studio, 6-7:30pm, Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Base Camp Brewing always sponsors our events. Thanks to them.

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One Response to Classic Vs. Romantic

  1. Jim B says:

    Sounds like an interesting evening. Wish I could be there.


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