I’ve Had it with Chairs

I’ve had it with chairs. They’re supposed to be pretty, and functional, and hold up to big butts scooting them around on the floor. They have to be inviting, look like the human body, or the lap of a human body, and feel comfortable sitting in them for an hour. Too many requirements.

Go sit on a stump.

Okay. I’m over it now. My rant on chairs is only half made up. Chairs are one of the most difficult design problems to solve. They’re mostly air first of all. Describe a rectangular box around the corners of a chair and you have mostly space inside this box. So where do you remove the material to come up with the chair shape?

We, of course, as joiners build our chairs from the ground up, not grinding them from the stump down. We do this for purposes of strength, for weight considerations, and finally for reasons of beauty, real or imagined. It is one of the most challenging of furniture designs and great fun if sometimes irksome.

Join us at the Studio for our DESIGN: Open House Jan. 20th, 2016 at 6-7:30pm for a discussion on and about chairs. We’ll talk a little history, a little design, a little engineering and lay out the challenges one faces in designing the perfect chair.

Or stump.




Horseman side (2)






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