The Power of Repetition

How do we learn? How do  things stick in our head so that we can repeat them with accuracy? It is a well known and often ignored truth. Repetition. Trying, practicing, and trying again.

Your brain is no doubt larger than mine, but to get something in my head like French or into my hands like carving, I have to practice. Not much, not all day, not until I’m bored and tired of it. But I do need to practice with regularity and purpose. For an hour or more each day or a bit more if I can find the right groove. Sometimes less. I need to have the tools in my hand so that it feels right. The grip in my hands so it becomes familiar. The accent gets put in the right place so that it makes sense. The vocabulary  groomed once more. And again. L to Legacy shots 017

The power of repetition.









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One Response to The Power of Repetition

  1. daveinohio says:

    It’s the “Grease the Groove” principle. Work on something in short intervals several times a day, and stop while you’re still fresh.


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