Tools & Materials

You think you know something. You think you have it finally all put into place and then you tweak one little item like scale and everything changes. Take tools and materials for instance.

This will be our first workshop in our Carpentry/ Building tiny series of workshops: Tools & Materials. What’s to learn? I know tools, right? I know materials, right? But this is all for furniture making. Where the focus really is tiny. But when we start building a house, tiny or no, the needs change. Now we build for weather proofing, for space saving, for ease of sheathing, roofing, and fenestrations/ windows. For all these things, the rules change. The talk is about more than precision, it is about fluidity, about ease of use, accuracy, and speed.

Join us April 9 and 10 for this workshop as Brooks Nelson wows you with his insights on carpentry. This workshop will be about the tools that a carpenter needs, not a furniture maker. The tools that make life at the sawhorse go smooth. It’s a different set of skills a carpenter needs. Come and get some for your toolbox.

1-Top 10 Carpentry tools



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  1. Really useful article for a beginner like me.


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