Pete Dexter in his book Deadwood, “He liked having a drawer, it was a neatness you could see just sliding it open.”

There’s something about drawers that appeals to me. I say to myself, I don’t need another drawer, and as soon as I build one for the shop, I fill it up. These compartments, these hideaways, these boxes hold our our tools, our treasures, our nuts and bolts in a way that gives us order, a sense of security, completeness. All attributes that I treasure in the shop.

Building drawers requires a mix of planning, patience and precision. Join us July 21-23rd for a three day class on making drawers. You will learn a bunch about joinery, both router and hand cut. You’ll learn about drawer building and fitting. Finally you’ll learn some stuff about your own need for neatness in this crazy world.


1-1-Shop drawers



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