A Messy Bench: Sign of a Superior Intelligence

A messy bench is the sign of a superior intelligence.

This is an axiom that I have been working on for some time now. Born out of necessity really as the mess came first. One job gets started. A slew of tools emerges to help with this task and then more come for another task. The first set stays, gets pushed aside, oh there’s my notebook, the new tools get used. Chips and shavings pile up. Progress gets made. Clamps hang from the edge of the bench. I have to use my spoke shave now. Oh and a file. I need to draw a little bit here in order to make a decision so out comes my drawing board, pencils, French curves, ruler. I sit to imagine. I walk away for coffee as I place down my pencil and I come back and it is now adrift in a sea of flotsam and jetsam and if I stand still long enough it will all stop bobbing about and I will find what it is I am looking for. In time.

Another axiom appears. Neatness is the mother of necessity. Or maybe invention. One of those. But I accumulate enough on my bench until the poor camel’s back breaks. I can take no more. I need my life returned to me and I commence to clean. It is such a satisfying act that I begin filling my bench immediately no doubt in anticipation of cleaning it once.  And fill it does. Since this is its most constant state, I have given up complaint and aver that since it is most usually a mess, then this constant state must be its natural one. It is my superior intelligence that wills it so and so it must be.

Or I’m an idiot and I need to clean my bench again so I can try to get some work done. One of those. Good luck with yours.

Drawers help me with this task.

Drawers: Building & Fitting, July 21-23. Join the cleaning revolution.

Messy bench



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One Response to A Messy Bench: Sign of a Superior Intelligence

  1. As a side note, clean drawers in the shop are definite plus as well.


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